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Nominator for Rare Cancers

Trial Name: NOMINATOR: A study to evaluate the feasibility of performing genomic testing of rare cancers to match the cancer to treatment. GeNOmic MatchINg treATment fOr Rare cancers (NOMINATOR).


Patients Involved: You may be eligible to participate in this trial if you are aged 18 or over and have been diagnosed with a rare cancer which has few standard treatment options and is associated with poor outcome.

Treatment Given: All participants enrolled in this trial will provide samples of blood and tumour tissue either via retrieval of stored tumour sample from another lab/biobank if this is available or by undergoing a biopsy procedure to obtain fresh samples of tumour. These samples will be used for gene sequencing. We will also collect health information from the participant (either via direct questioning by their doctor or from their medical records), in order to help researchers interpret the genomic sequencing results which are obtained from testing.

A panel of cancer experts will review the results and provide advice about treatments that could potentially be more effective as a result of those findings. The patient will then have the option to receive the results of this testing (this is optional), and their doctor may be able to use these results to better determine an effective treatment and management plan for their disease. 

Rationale for Treatment: The primary purpose of the NOMINATOR research study is to determine if new techniques for gene sequencing can be used in the treatment of rare cancers. It is hoped that understanding a cancer’s genomic profile may help doctors to select appropriate treatment options, according to the particular genomic profile of that person’s cancer. This trial will provide information on whether this is feasible in practice. 

Recruitment and Sites Involved: The trial opened in July 2017 with a recruitment target of 100 individuals. The trial is open in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. The recruitment period is due to end in July 2019.

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All correspondence should be directed to Dr Damien Kee via e-mail or phoneDamien.Kee@petermac.org or + 61 (0) 401 148 155.