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I'm a clinican, how do I create a CART-Wheel account to help my rare cancer patients enter information in the questionnaire?

Clinicians can access their patient’s CART-Wheel.org accounts to view, enter and edit data, with the permission of their patient. They do this by activating their own account. To request a CART-Wheel.org account, please email contact@cart-wheel.org with your full name and preferred email address. We will set up an account for you and email you with instructions on how to activate it and login.

Alternatively, if you have been nominated by your patient who has completed a CART-Wheel.org Consent Form, you will be contacted directly by us with an invitation to activate an account with us.

Patients can give a named clinician permission to view, enter and edit their data by ticking 'yes' at consent option 2 on the Consent Form. Once you have activated your CART-Wheel.org account and login, you will see your patient’s name and can view and edit their questionnaire. When additional patients of yours register with CART-Wheel, you can use the same account to view and enter information into their questionnaire.

How do I register my patient on CART-Wheel?

Clinicians with a CART-Wheel.org account are able to register additional patients quickly from within their account. To request an account be created for you, please email contact@cart-wheel.org with your full name and preferred email address.

Alternatively, clinicians may be emailed by CART-Wheel.org with an invitation to activate an account if their patient completes a CART-Wheel.org Consent Form and nominates them at consent option 2. Consent option 2 allows a clinician to view, enter and edit their questionnaire information.

Once you have a CART-Wheel.org account, additional patients can be registered by clicking the ‘Add New Patient’ button. Fill in the patient’s name and email address and choose a username for them. After registering your patient, you will be able to start entering information in the questionnaire immediately. Your patient’s name will appear in your patient list with their consent status as ‘Pending’.

After your patient completes and submits a CART-Wheel Consent Form, their status in your account will change to ‘Consented’. Patient information cannot be used for research purposes until a Consent Form has been submitted or received.                  

Can I register my patient if they have no email address?

Yes, it’s possible to register your patient without providing an email address, but not preferred.

An email address for your patient is requested on the registration form. This allows us to contact our registrants if no Consent Form is received. However, there are patients with no access to a computer or email. Some patients in this situation are able to use the email address of a friend or family member for registration. If this is not an option, clinicians can elect to tick the box ‘My patient has no email address’.

Do not use your own email address for your patient’s account as an email address can only be associated with one account.

What is the advantage in registering patients myself?

We have given clinicians the ability to register their patients in case this is an easier and more efficient option. Some patients prefer to do this step themselves, but some do appreciate having assistance with setting up a CART-Wheel account, for example, if they have no access to a computer. It also allows you to gain immediate access to their questionnaire and enter information in person with your patient if they are present at the time of registration. This may be helpful when answering questions such as Question 16 on Family cancer history.

If your patient chooses to register with CART-Wheel.org without your assistance, you will be given access to their questionnaire once their Consent Form is received and processed at the CART-Wheel office. Depending on how the Consent Form is submitted (either online, or by email or mail), your access may take several working days to be granted.

If your question is not listed here or have any further questions for Cart-Wheel,
Please send us an email with your question to contact@cart-wheel.org.

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