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PARAGON for Gynecological Cancer

Trial Name: PARAGON: Phase II study of aromatase inhibitors in women with potentially hormone responsive recurrent/metastatic gynaecological neoplasms.


Patients Involved: Patients with recurrent or metastatic gynaecological cancers that are oestrogen receptor and/or progesterone receptor positive.

Treatment Given: 1 tablet (1 mg) anastrozole to be taken orally once daily.

Rationale for Treatment: Anastrozole is well tolerated compared to chemotherapy and can be administered for prolonged periods with relatively little cumulative toxicity. In previous studies the degree of activity and response rates reported has varied considerably so there is a need to investigate the role of hormonal therapies in selected women with potentially hormone responsive gynaecological cancers.

Recruitment: The trial opened on 16th December 2011. To date 90 of the 350 patients required have joined the trial. The recruitment period for this trial is 3 years.

Sites involved: To date a total of 26 sites have opened this trial, 20 from Australia and New Zealand and 6 from the UK.

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All correspondence should be directed to the PARAGON Trial Coordinator via e-mail or phoneparagon@ctc.usyd.edu.au or (02) 9562 5000.