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CART-WHEEL rare cancer database is inviting people from all over the world to submit information about their particular tumor so that more research can be done in these understudied rare tumors. (Assessing the quality of consumer-entered information) 

Patients can easily register and fill out the user-friendly online questionnaire which asks them about their tumor type, treatment received and aspects of family history.

CART-WHEEL.org relies upon data entry by patients or their proxies to drive research into rare tumors.

We are currently doing a Quality Assurance Study by encouraging patients from a Sarcoma Clinic in Melbourne (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), to register on CART-WHEEL. Patient-entered data via CART-WHEEL will then be compared to a prospectively recorded data on sarcoma database to determine the accuracy.

This is an important study to validate the value of clinical information provided by patients or their proxies via a user-friendly website.


If you are diagnosed with sarcoma and belong to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, please join CART-WHEEL and fill out the online questionnaire. Please provide us with your written consent so we can include your information for research.

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