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Clinical Trials

Projects supported by CART-WHEEL

Clinical trials are research studies that test new approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment in real people who take part as volunteers. 

It is one of the final stages of a long and careful cancer research process. They are the important link between scientific discoveries made in the laboratory and making new treatments available for people with cancer. The intent if this page is to inform you of any rare cancer trials that are currently open that may of interest to you. Taking a part in a clinical trial is a personal decision. Please read carefully and talk to your families and treating doctors. 

Clinical trials list

As CART-WHEEL grows more projects will be added here.

Potential Researchers

CART-WHEEL is supported by BioGrid Australia - a non-profit organization that uses a web of computers to combine anonymous patient information from a number of different sources. This improves research into a wide range of diseases by allowing researchers to share information while protecting the privacy of patients and maintaining security. 

Learn more about BioGrid Australia and CART-WHEEL project.

If you are a researcher and are interested to access data collected through the CART-WHEEL project please contact us

If you are involved in caring for patients for whom you might consider this website to be potentially helpful please find more information on our Health Professionals page.