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Projects supported by CART-WHEEL

The main objective of the CART-WHEEL.org rare tumor database is to serve as an ethically-approved data portal for consumer-driven research into rare tumors. 

The goal is to increase the availability and secure storage of clinical, histopathological and molecular data from patients who have provided their written consent (Melbourne Health Human Research Ethics Committee). Clinical information entered by patients or their proxies will focus on the tumor diagnoses and details regarding the location of tissue, treatments received, prior genetic testing, or tissue banking. 

Current CART-WHEEL.org supported projects

As CART-WHEEL grows more projects will be added here.

Potential Researchers

CART-WHEEL is supported by BioGrid Australia - a non-profit organization that uses a web of computers to combine anonymous patient information from a number of different sources. This improves research into a wide range of diseases by allowing researchers to share information while protecting the privacy of patients and maintaining security. 

Learn more about BioGrid Australia and CART-WHEEL project.

If you are a researcher and are interested to access data collected through the CART-WHEEL project please contact us

If you are involved in caring for patients for whom you might consider this website to be potentially helpful please find more information on our Health Professionals page.