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CART-Wheel now welcomes participants who are at an increased risk of cancer due to a gene or inherited cancer syndrome. You do not need a diagnosis of cancer to register for CART-Wheel if you have an inherited rare tumor predisposition.

Here's how to get started with Cart-Wheel

1. Register (Create CART-WHEEL account)

Please create a username and password to setup your CART-WHEEL account which you will use to login to the questionnaire. This gives you the option to save your information at any time and to log in later to update your information.

Register Here

2. Complete the Consent Form

You need to provide your consent by completing the Consent Form. By completing and submitting your Consent Form, this indicates your permission for us to use the information that you enter in the questionnaire for the purposes of research. This is an important requirement of the Human Research Ethics Committee that protects your rights and confirms that you understand the purpose of this project.

Without this consent form we cannot use the information that you provide. 


3. Submit the Consent Form to CART-WHEEL online, or by email or mail

Once you are logged into the Questionnaire...

  1. Select 'My Consent details' in the top right of your screen. 
  2. Then select the 'Add Consent' button. This will provide on screen the relevant information to enable you to consent to your participation in CART-WHEEL.

If you prefer to print and complete the Participant Information Consent Form you can;

  1. Scan or take a clear photo of your signed form and send your consent form by email to contact@cart-wheel.org OR
  2. Alternatively, you may prefer to post your Consent Form to:

    CART-WHEEL BioGrid Australia
    PO Box 2138
    Royal Melbourne Hospital VIC 3050 Australia

  3. If you are unable to print the form please send us an email including your mailing address and who you are consenting for (yourself or others) and we will send the appropriate form to you by mail.

Consent Forms

4. Complete the questionnaire

It will be useful for you to have a copy of your pathology report with the specific name of your rare tumor, information about the hospitals or medical centres where you have been treated and the names of the treatments that you have received before you start the questionnaire.

Your information will be entered via a secure connection and cannot be seen by anyone else. At the end of the questionnaire you will be able to print out a summary of questions and your responses for your record.

If you do not have all the required information immediately available you can come back later to modify your answers to those questions at a later date.