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Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program

Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program

Research into rare cancers is an important part of improving treatment and outcomes for patients. To contribute towards this research effort, CART-Wheel supports the WEHI Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program. 

This Program is based at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) in Melbourne. The Program collects clinical information which is de-identified (which means your name and any other details which could identify you are removed) and held in a secure database. Once there is enough information on any particular type of rare cancer, it can be analysed to improve our understanding of that cancer.

With the consent of of the participant, tumour tissue and other biospecimens may also be collected and studied using modern research techniques.

The WEHI SFRCP has been approved by the Melbourne Health Human Research and Ethics Committee (HREC/15/MH/396).

To find out more about the WEHI Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program, 

email us: contact@cart-wheel.org 

or visit the WEHI Rare Cancers website.