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Participant FAQs

How do I give my consent online?

Once you are logged into the Questionnaire, select 'My Consent details' in the top right of your screen. Select the 'Add Consent' button. You will see a number of screens which contain the same information as our regular consent form. You are encouraged to read this information.

To indicate which of the five consent options are appropriate for you, there are boxes to tick on the screen. You are also asked to enter the details of your treating clinician if giving permission for them to edit your information and the name of any other research project you are taking part in. Once you click the ‘Submit’ button on the last screen, you are considered to have provided your consent.

Can I change the details of my consent?

Once you click the ‘Submit’ button on the final screen, the consent process is completed and you are unable to make any changes. The details are locked to provide a legal record of your consent.

If you want to change any of the details of your consent, you can click on the ‘Re-consent’ button. This will take you through the consent module again and the new details you provide will become the ‘Active’ consent version. All versions of consent you provide remain listed in the ‘My Consent details’ section of your CART-Wheel account.

If you wish, you can also withdraw your consent using the ‘Withdraw Consent’ button.

What if I don't want to give consent via this online method?

Online consent is an option for you, but you can still print out a regular consent form, sign it and send it back to us via email or post. We are happy to receive your consent in the way that suits you best.

Do I have to complete the online consent process in one sitting?


You can exit out of the consent module at any time. Your consent will be shown as ‘In progress’ and you can come back and complete when it suits you. You may wish to discuss some aspect of the CART-Wheel project with a friend, family or a health professional and you are encouraged to do this.

You can return to where you left by clicking the ‘Complete’ button. While ‘In progress’ you are able to change or edit any details. For example, you can add the phone number of your treating clinician or tick one of the consent option boxes. 

After you click the ‘Submit’ button on the final screen, the process is complete and you will not be able to make any changes or edits.

Don't you need my signature for my online consent to be valid?

We have consulted with the ethics committee which oversees this research project (the Melbourne Health Human Research Ethics Committee) and been given approval to accept consent provided through this online function.

You may have already given legal consent online for other purposes. For example, when agreeing to the terms and conditions of the use of a website or a phone application.

If you are not comfortable with giving your consent in this way, you are able to print our regular consent form, sign it and send it to us via email or post.

I have finished giving online consent. There is now a 'Re-consent' button available. What does that do?

If you change your mind about any of the details you provided when you gave consent, you can go through the consent process again and this new information will become your ‘Active’ consent. All versions of consent you provide remain listed in the ‘My Consent details’ section of your CART-Wheel account.

Some participants in CART-Wheel gave their consent a number of years ago using an earlier version of our consent form. They may wish to re-consent to give permission to their treating clinician to access and edit their information. This consent option was added to more recent versions of our consent form.

I wish to withdraw from the project.

To withdraw your consent for any of your information to be used for research purposes, click on the ‘Withdraw Consent’ button. Note that your consent changes from ‘Active’ to ‘Withdrawn’ from the current date.

I withdrew my consent but I have changed my mind.

You are able to re-consent at any time by clicking on the ‘Re-consent’ button and adding new consent details.

If your question is not listed here,
Please send us an email with your question to contact@cart-wheel.org.

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