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The WhiMSICAL (Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia Study Involving CArt-wheeL) study is utilising the CART-WHEEL questionnaire to capture data from WM patients.

The WhiMSICAL study is now capturing data relating to COVID-19 and welcomes WM patients to register or update their data.

We need you to keep CART-WHEEL in motion

Our questionnaire collects information from people all over the world, so we can build a rare tumor database to address some of the barriers facing effective research into rare types of tumors, rare subtypes of common cancers and inherited rare tumor predisposition.

Rare Cancer Support
Inherited tumor predisposition
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Research in rare cancers is challenging due to difficulty in finding cases. Individually rare cancers affect small numbers of patients but when put together they make up over 20% of all cancers diagnosed each year. Yet they receive only about 5% of research funding and attention.

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A BioGrid Initiative

Providing the technology to link together the anonymous patient information from all of these different databases in a way that maintains the privacy and security.

Consumer Partner

RCA has been established to provide support, education and government advocacy for patients with rare and less common cancers and their carers.